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"Professional Local Event Vendors Share Secrets For Doubling Sales From Your Next Event"
Steal the Tricks Sneaky Local Event Vendors Use To Generate More Sales
Event Date: July 15, 2021 - 10:30 AM PDT

During this FREE webinar I'll reveal how to double your income from local events using a few simple strategies.


You'll learn why one strategy, in particular, is critical to your success, what's holding 90% of local vendors back from higher revenue, and about THE secret weapon” that will super-charge your sales.


I'll also show you how to how to generate income in years to come from each local event!


Some other topics I'll be discussing in the webinar include:

  • How to create a killer lead magnet that will attract your ideal customer
  • The #1 skill separating great local vendors from their peers
  • The #1 reason most vendors are not making the kind of revenue desired
  • Why other local vendors are not using this strategy




If you'd like to stop leaving your events less than fulfilled and give your bank account a turbo boost, you don't want to miss THIS free webinar.


Register today to learn how you can easily double your income from each event moving forward.


DON'T DELAY: Space is limited, and this event is filling up quickly. To secure your spot, register now!

Your Lead Instructor, Stan Shields
built his martial arts business from 40 members and $8,000 per month in revenue to 250 members and $40,000 per month by using the strategies you will learn in this workshop. The good news is that these strategies with any business and it doesn't matter whether you sell services or physical products. The process and principles are all the same. Don't miss it!
Your Workshop Instructor Team
Stan Shields
Marketing Automation | Email/Text Messaging
Tori Jones
Website and Funnel Development
Kemya Scott
Marketing and Social Media Strategy/Mgmt
Todd Mann
Chat Bot & Online Lead Generation
Learn From Some of The Best!

Together this team brings more than 78 years of business and marketing experience together for the ultimate learning experience! Not only are you getting the latest and greatest technology information, but the knowledge, skill and experience from strategies that are proven to work!

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Event Date: July 15, 2021 - 10:30 AM PST *** Register Now ... Spaces Are Limited ***

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